Early Learning Redefined | BASIS International School Bangkok

Early Learning Redefined

Early Learning Redefined means developing a learning culture where minds and hands are at work, and hearts are happy; where the learning process is nurtured, and ideas big and small are celebrated.

Four guiding lights illuminate our learning culture.

Bright, passionate Early Learning Teachers and Early Learning Specialists create a nurturing, thoughtful, and highly interactive environment for our students.

All of our Early Learning educators are experienced with teaching young children, and each has at least a Bachelor’s degree. Our educators are equally focused on the social, emotional, physical and intellectual development of their students.

The goal of our Early Learning Teachers is to fully support and inspire each child by guiding them through a thematic and content-rich curriculum that helps them meet the highest appropriate level of developmental and early learning benchmarks. Teachers create a nuanced and truly rich learning environment to involve children in the joys of acquiring knowledge and in becoming self-assured.

Our Early Learning Teachers become partners with parents and caregivers. We regularly communicate with families about their child’s new experiences and growth.

Our Early Learning Specialists are subject matter experts. They hold at least a Bachelor’s degree in their specialty area or have extensive professional experience in the subject. Each specialist is inspired to share their subject passion with young children through a hands-on, interactive and age-appropriate exploration of the arts and sciences. Whether it’s Thai Language and Culture class or our weekly specials in Music, Movement, Drama, or STEM Discovery, children will learn from teachers who love what they teach, love the children in their care, and teach them extraordinarily well.

Our learning environment is carefully designed to encourage a child’s natural curiosity to question, to create and to discover. We focus on nurturing a rich, enjoyable and intentional learning experience.

Early Learning Teachers specifically facilitate opportunities for children to interact with materials in a thoughtful and intentional manner and encourage children to use their imagination and creativity to ask questions, and to use their own reasoning to organically learn—and make connections to—the world around them.

Our program exposes children to our comprehensive and content-rich early learning curriculum, our Discovery Blocks of Learning, which focuses on all areas of a child’s development and includes specialist instruction in Music and Drama, Movement, Thai Language and Culture, and hands-on STEM Discovery.

Each of the Discovery Blocks is covered through thematic lessons taught by our Early Learning Teachers and/or the Early Learning Specialists who ensure the most appropriate learning method is used to make learning accessible, relevant and joyful.

We believe that early engagement with these Discovery Blocks creates a strong foundation for continued learning.

  • Social & Emotional Development and Self-Care Skills
  • Language & Literacy
  • Expressive Arts: Art, Music, Drama
  • Math
  • World Discovery
  • STEM Discovery
  • Movement
  • Thai Language and culture

We equip children emotionally, socially, and intellectually for a lifetime of continued learning.

We know that being prepared for kindergarten and becoming a lifelong learner is accomplished by providing young children with a thoughtfully prepared, supportive, creative and content-rich learning environment. We provide significant opportunities to explore a wide variety of stimuli, allowing for children to constantly make discoveries about themselves, others, and their environment. The Early Learning Program’s main goal is to establish learning in our classrooms as a joyful and rewarding experience, so that children return home happy and proud of themselves each day.