Primary School Program | BASIS International School Bangkok

Primary School Program, Grades K-4

The BASIS Curriculum K-4 program has been developed to help prepare students for the high-achieving curriculum in the BASIS Curriculum middle school (grades 5-7) and upper school (grades 8-12).

The K-4 program focuses not only on academics, but also on critical thinking, organizational skills, time management, study skills, and behavioral expectations – each of which are vital to success in various future pursuits.

K-4 Curriculum

Our curriculum for grades K-4 was developed through collaborative work among veteran teachers with deep subject knowledge, and elementary education experts with diverse teaching experiences. Each major topic within a course is spiraled throughout the grade levels to ensure topic mastery. That is, the same major topics can appear in each grade level, but with each appearance, students study that topic in more depth and in more nuanced ways. Students’ building blocks of understanding continually widen as they expand their knowledge base. We also constantly evaluate and refine our liberal arts, STEM-focused curriculum — top to bottom — in order to provide the best possible learning paths for our students. Indeed, given the “spiraling” effect, when a piece of the curriculum changes in one grade, it has a positive effect on the other grades, leading students throughout the grade levels to improve.