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Student Values

BASIS Curriculum School’s academic rigor and high expectations for student learning require an environment free from disruption, one that fosters mutual respect among students and staff members. To accomplish this, BASIS International School Bangkok has developed a code of conduct based on five key principles of behavior:

Promote respect for fellow students and staff members

All students are expected to behave in a respectful manner toward themselves, other students, staff and property. In particular, the school adheres to a zero tolerance policy toward any language or behavior that intimidates, belittles or causes physical or emotional injury to others.

Promote respect for all individuals

BASIS International School Bangkok strives to provide an environment in which all students feel comfortable and thrive. For this reason, certain behaviors are strictly prohibited on school premises. These include, but are not limited to, the use of derogatory statements in reference to race, sexuality, ethnicity, culture or religious background.

Promote individual and community responsibility

BASIS International School Bangkok holds each student individually responsible for his or her own language and actions.

Provide a safe environment for students

BASIS International School Bangkok staff and students work together to ensure a safe environment for all community members and any potentially dangerous situation is immediately reported to school officials.

Provide a disruption-free educational environment

BASIS International School Bangkok will provide students with the kind of distraction-free learning environment that is necessary to achieve academic excellence.